Brett Daniels




Brett Daniels is internationally acclaimed for his exciting style of cutting-edge illusion performances headlining in major venues and on television around the globe. Combining innovative large-scale grand illusion with dynamic theatrics and world class sleight-of-hand has made him a favorite from Las Vegas to London to China to New York. A two-time recipient of the "Entertainer of the Year" award, Brett is also the "Magician of the Year" "World Champion" and "Illusionist of the Millennium."

Brett has starred in multiple network television specials on NBC, ABC and CBS as well as numerous international television programs world-wide. After setting box office records in Shanghai performing an unprecedented sixty-eight sold out arena shows, Brett travelled to Beijing where his TV special was broadcast live to 1.3 billion - more people than had ever before witnessed a magic performance at one time.

The current 2016 version of BRETT DANIELS: GRAND ILLUSIONIST had its origin when Mandalay Bay Casino Group built for Brett his own $20 million custom-designed Millennium Theatre at Goldstrike Casino Resort. For many years this became home to Brett’s original theatrical productions "Magic & Beyond" "Magique" and "Journey into the Unknown." These multi-million dollar productions featured one-of-a-kind jaw dropping mega illusions drawing world-wide recognition for originality and theatricality.

As an encore to those productions BRETT DANIELS: GRAND ILLUSIONIST continues to tour extensively across the USA, South America, London, China, Australia and other locations world-wide.


After years of experience producing his own shows and starring in numerous ensemble network TV magic productions Brett decided to combine his talents in producing a series of ensemble illusion shows. As co-creator, co-founder, illusion director and starring frontman of the box office smash hit "THE ILLUSIONISTS" - originally premiering at the Sydney Opera House - Brett shattered all known expectations of theatrical magic and illusion production. Sydney Opera House credited Brett as "The creative driving force behind the production..." of THE ILLUSIONISTS.

On the heels of that success Brett followed up by creating "THE REVOLLUSIONISTS" and "XVMAGIC" as the next in a series of ensemble magic shows each featuring an eclectic mix of multiple magicians. The industry recognition and triumph of those productions led to a collaboration between Brett and Criss Angel via "THE SUPERNATURALISTS" with Brett acting as co-producer with Criss for the 2014 project launch of the production.

Always creating and evolving - with an eye toward the future - both as ILLUSIONIST Brett Daniels and PRODUCER Brett Daniels Productions the mantra is "fortune favors the bold" as Brett continues to meet the challenge to present the very "best of the best" in authentic illusionary theatrics.